oder die übermütige Prinzessin

Who doesn’t know the story of the proud and high-spirited princess who mocked all of her suitors, forcing her angry father to marry her to the first beggar who came to the castle gate? As the wife of a beggar, she is chased out of the castle and must lead a life in poverty. After many hard tests, the beggar reveals his true identity as king Thrustbeard, who, rejected by the princess in the first place, wants to punish her for her pride. The humiliated princess regrets her pettiness and they re-celebrate their wedding.

“Pride comes before a fall,” as the saying goes. But why do people say things they don’t mean? Why do people think one thing and do the opposite?

Two guardian spirits of arrogance look behind the façade and tell a beautiful, intricate story about hurt feelings, misunderstandings, expectations and constraints, and the courage to oppose.

With simple means and subtle humor, the duo captures the imagination of young and old.


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