Mrs. Meier the Blackbird

Freely adapted from the picture book by Wolf Erlbruch

Mrs. Meier worries. Large and small-she could fall off the ladder, the electricity could fail and she would sit in the dark, or a bus full of schoolchildren could swing off the road due to dense fog and plunge into her garden - right in the vegetable patch!

One morning, however, she really has a reason to worry: she finds a young blackbird in her garden, which has just fallen from the nest. Mrs. Meier takes "Beep" immediately under her wing. Mr. Meier says, "do what you have to” and Mrs. Meier takes care of the little birdie and feeds him with flies. An adventurous time begins. Beep prospers and grows, only to learn that flying doesn’t work so well. Mrs. Meier tries to lead the way and flies…


An enchanting story that shows how to grow beyond yourself and overcome your fears through taking responsibility and devotion, and how worries fly away.

* Presse *

„Als das Amselkücken »Piep« auftaucht, vergisst die schwarzsehende Frau Meier ihre Alltagssorgen.