No present for Sando

Mezzanin Theater / Graz


Accompanying the play, workshops are offered. For more information, please refer to the school info in the download section below.

Can furniture have feelings? Oh yeah! At least the large filing cabinet in the "Office of Undeliverable Mail” does. He could even tell the stories of people who have never received their packages if he spoke our language. But it’s the fate of ten-year-old Sando--who did not get his birthday package because his grandmother was killed in an accident on the way to the post office--that particularly arouses a feeling of compassion in him. Sando ran away from the children’s shelter he was assigned to after his grandmother’s death, and tries to make his way alone to his parents, who work in Austria. But the way through Romania is long and dangerous, especially for a ten-year-old. Moved by Sando’s story, the filling cabinet decides to bring it to the attention of Ms. Birnbaum and Ms. Rödel, the clerks at the Office of Undeliverable Mail. But do they have as much compassion with Sando as the filling cabinet? And will the rules in the office, that need to be strictly followed by both of them, stand in the way of Sando’s fate?

„The play highlights exclusion with originality and clever ideas.“ 
Kleine Zeitung

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A touching story about exclusion and migration, excitingly and sensitively told.